About the artist 

My formal training started at Kendall College of Design where I gained a BFA in Graphic Design. While working as a commercial designer I decided I needed to create something for myself and went back to drawing and painting. Thus began my wandering journey into fine art. 

I focus mainly in oil and pastel paintings. I like to keep my artwork structured with good drawing yet I try to keep my brushstrokes loose enough so a viewer knows it’s a painting. The brushstrokes are used to create the impression of the scenery, how it was lit and how it felt to be there capturing the moment. I love working outdoors in plein air because I feel it helps me become a better painter by learning how the light works with color, and most of my studio works are still lifes for the very same reasons.

Over many years, I’ve studied with Albert Handell, Margaret Dyer, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Marsha Hamby Savage, Joanne Burney, most recently with Romel de la Torre and Zoe Frank. I feel I can always be learning despite having more than 30 years experience of art work experience!

And, I’ve grown to believe that fine art is for everyone because enjoyment of a beautiful moment captured in art can be understood by all.

I've participated in the Littleton Plein Air Festival 2017, juried in and sold paintings at Colorado Plein Air Festival 2015 & 2014, and received an Honorable Mention at the PSC’s 10th Annual Mile High Exhibit 2014.